IDF Cooperation

Magen Yehuda works in full cooperation with the IDF who holds the ultimate responsibility to protect and defend the people of Israel; the famed IDF has worldwide recognition for their skilled and well trained soldiers. As first response teams are an official body of the army, our trainign is closely monitored by the IDf to ensure that we are working with proper security measures and a high level of expertise.

Unfortunately the IDF cannot be everywhere they are needed all the time and so In an effort to preserve that "sense of security" average citizens so deserve, the IDF initiated the formation of Community First Response Teams, to assist them. A Community First Response Team, also known as "Kitat Konenut" are trained individual community members available to respond at a moment's notice should the need arise to secure a community. These volunteers actually live in the communities that they serve in so they have firsthand, intimate knowledge of the area, that are assigned to protect.

Who are these dedicated volunteers? During their daily life they may be school teachers, Rabbis, contractors, electricians, doctors, attorneys, students or accountants. They may be Israeli born army reservists or olim chadashim (new immigrants).  A typical Community First Response volunteer is a dedicated community member, one who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure the safety and security of his neighborhood. He gives of his time, and is ready at a moment's notice if his skills are needed.  When called to duty the common element that brings these special people together is their dedication to the safety of their families, their community and the people of Israel.

Unfortunately the IDF is limited in the funding available to adequately train these dedicated groups of volunteers. Outsourcing the training sessions is necessary to ensure the teams are equipped with up to date knowledge and the practiced skills required so they can effectively protect and defend their communities.

Magen Yehuda was created for just that purpose. At the helm is Ehud Dribben, Chief of Operations with over 20 years experience in the field of defense and security. Ehud's back-ground as an IDF officer serving in an Elite unit and as the developer of counter-terrorist protocol for the IDF are reasons he is so sought after to help train these volunteers. He has worked extensively with Israeli police, The Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is still an active reservist in the IDF. Under Ehud's personal direction, the Magen Yehuda staff steps in to fill the gaps as they provide top notch professional training to Community First Response Teams all over Israel. Whether it is a community on the Northern border, small city in the South or settlement in Yehuda or Shomron, Magen Yehuda is there to create and help implement security protocol.  Magen Yehuda works in complete collaboration with the IDF and each community's Head of Security to create individualized plans and coordinates efforts with the ultimate goal of saving lives and preserving the daily quality of life for all citizens of Israel.

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